About Us

Each Anna Orthwein handbag is conceived as a work of art, from charcoal on paper to paint on canvas. Working closely with master leather craftsmen in the United States, we bring our sketches and paintings to life, emerging as pure luxury. Our commitment to quality begins with our carefully architected designs, extends into our meticulously selected leathers and fibers, and culminates with the mastery embedded within our process of creation. We import directly from the finest French and Italian tanneries recognized for producing the world's most beautiful leathers. One only has to touch an Anna Orthwein handbag to immediately recognize the authenticity of these beautiful materials. Our craftsmen as well are of the highest caliber. Incorporating risk-taking feats of handbag design, these masters implement their skills with a deep understanding of artisanal leatherworking. Hand-in-hand, our designers and craftsmen work together to realize the vision; a work of art that will last for generations to come.