Anna Bags is a small, family-operated establishment designing and creating luxury leather handbags. We are based in Washington, D.C., and we work with craftsmen in both D.C. and New York. Each handbag begins as an experiment with oil paint on canvas with the goal of producing a timeless piece of art. This singular focus on the creation of enduring work guides the process from the canvas to our studios and workshops. First comes collaboration – by seeking out the finest leather craftsmen we ensure that our designs are brought to life in the highest quality leathers, under expert craftsmanship. Creating our handbags takes hours of intensive manual labor and incorporates groundbreaking feats of leather design work. In pushing the boundaries of design, each bag expands the centuries-old techniques of leather-working. Our leathers come from the finest French and Italian tanneries recognized for producing naked, plongé lamb, calf, and deerskins. We choose our leathers for their soft, buttery feel. The result of our hard work and dedication to the aesthetic and the craft is a unique luxury leather piece that will last a lifetime.