The Designer
After receiving advanced degrees in science and engineering, and working in these fields for federal research institutions such as NASA and NIST for most of her career, Jayne Orthwein turned to her artistic training and talents to design beautiful, unique handbags that embody the qualities of her daughter Anna who died in 2007 with a brain aneurysm.

From designing jet propulsion systems for the Space Station to luxury handbags for discerning clientele, Jayne understands the importance of balancing artistry, function, and structural integrity. She brings her years of knowledge and technical expertise into the world of luxury leather handbags, and projects this focus on perfection into the forefront of every decision along the pathway from inception to completion. Within every Anna Orthwein handbag you will find an essence of elegant beauty created from the highest quality leathers and fibers, with the comfort and ease of use one would expect from fine luxury goods. These attributes are designed into our bags from the start.
Mathematics has been a tremendous interest and influence throughout Jayne's life and she brings this influence into her designs through precision in measurement and pattern design, stress and wear analysis, clean geometric form, and materials analysis. Implementing mathematical structure into design creates beauty, imposing mathematical rigor into the design process creates function and integrity.

Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty... Bertrand Russell.